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Lootjie is an online competition platform based on the concept of a raffle, in which entrants purchase numbered tickets to enter the competition, each of which has the chance of winning a physical prize (Lootjie). At a set time and date, 5 tickets will be drawn at random through a computer- generated raffle picker. 

The 5 selected winners will then be notified to participate in a quiz of general knowledge consisting of 5 general knowledge questions, which will determine the winner. The winner will be notified, and the prize will be delivered to the persons choice of address. Lootjie is not an online gambling and/or lottery platform and as such is not regulated by the National Gambling Act 33 of 1996 and is not licenced by the National Gambling Board of South Africa.

What do we offer?

Lootjie.co.za offers a wide variety of amazing prizes to be won!

Appliances | Cellular | Audio & Video | Cash | Electronics & Games | Sport & Outdoor | Health & Beauty | Vehicles

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